Safer, Cleaner Air in Chevy Chase, MD

February 22, 2019

We cleaned out a clogged roof exhausting dryer in Chevy Chase, MD. Look at all of the lint, dust, and mildew that we removed! This type of build up in dryer vents can easily become a fire hazard. For a safer home with cleaner air, contact Quality Air Solutions today!


Have Concerns About Your Dryer Vent and Ducts?

February 14, 2019

“When the technicians came to quote the duct cleaning, I asked about the aluminum dryer hose, which always worried me as a potential fire hazard. They confirmed that it was and that they could replace it with something more solid. The job was quicker than I had expected and very clean. At the end of the job, I was staggered by the amount of dust that was blown out of the ducts. The house smells so much cleaner, and I feel much happier with the more substantial dryer hose.” – S.G. in Derwood, MD

Whether your concerns are about your dryer vent, your ducts or anything else involving the air flow of your home, you can depend on Quality Air Solutions to address them and come up with the right solution. Contact us today!


Cleaning Duct work in Rockville, MD

January 31, 2019

“The two technicians from Quality Air Solutions came and cleaned our duct work. It was horrific what was removed. I can’t believe we were living with that much filth in our ducts. Our house smells so much cleaner now, and I sleep better at night.” – S.B. in Rockville, MD

Want to ensure that the air circulating your home is clean? Contact Quality Air Solutions to answer any questions you have about your duct or dryer vent cleaning!

View of the Dust and the Debris Through Filter

January 25, 2019

On one client visit in Rockville, MD, the Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) view showed us how much dust had passed the filtration and was impeding the air quality. If you suspect that the air quality of your home could be improved by clearing out the dust and debris build up in your ducts, contact Quality Air Solutions as soon as you can!


Reliable, Responsive Dryer Vent Cleaning in Silver Spring, MD

January 18, 2019

“After Quality Air Solutions came in and cleaned my dryer vent, my dryer works better than ever! Everyone from the company that I dealt with was very professional and quick to respond. Before going with them, I had tried to schedule with a big name company, but they kept me on hold and did not follow up. I highly recommend Quality Air Solutions for dryer vent cleaning!” – C.B. in Silver Spring, MD

If you’re looking for reliable, responsive service with a focus on customer-satisfaction – contact Quality Air Solutions! We’ll thoroughly clean your dryer vent and/or ducts.

Dirty Blower Wheel in Germantown, MD

January 10, 2019

The blower wheel is one of the most important parts of your heating and air conditioning system. It controls the flow of air to all parts of your house. If you suspect that your HVAC system in Germantown, MD is having issues due to a dirty blower wheel, contact Quality Air Solutions!


New Dryer Piping Installed in Laurel, MD

January 5, 2019

For a residence in Laurel, MD, we installed new dryer piping and exhaust cap. This will improve the efficiency of their dryer! The Quality Air Solutions team provides efficient, professional installations of air quality products. Contact us if you have concerns about the quality of the air in your home!


Water Damage on Dry Wall and Inefficient Dryer?

December 21, 2018

Do you see water damage on your dry wall and your dryer isn’t running efficiently? There could be something obstructing your dryer vent! A customer in Laurel, MD called with this problem, and we found a bird’s nest while cleaning their dryer vent. Contact Quality Air Solutions today to clean and remove possible fire hazards in your ventilation!


Clogged Dryer Vent in Bethesda, MD

December 7, 2018

In this job in Bethesda, MD, we cleaned out a clogged roof exhausting dryer. Goodbye, clumps of lint and debris! If you suspect that your clogged dryer vent is bringing in contaminants in your home’s air or may be to the point where it’s a fire hazard, contact Quality Air Solutions today!

Musty Odor in Your Rockville, MD Home?

November 9, 2018

“We have lived in our home for 30 years. We began to smell a musty odor in the upstairs north facing bedrooms. After mold testing revealed two mold allergens, it was recommended that we have our air ducts cleaned and disinfected. The person I spoke with from Quality Air Solutions was very courteous. The technicians were very knowledgeable and explained the process. We highly recommend them!” – Rockville, MD

Suspect a mold issue? Call in the experts at Quality Air Solutions to clean your vents!